Vietnam Cost Of Living

Vietnam Cost of Living is amazing! Not only that, but Vietnam is an amazing country with vast landscapes, lovely people, delicious food, interesting culture, beaches, mountains and plenty of history. We move a lot slower than a lot of travel vloggers and often spend a month or two, get an apartment/villa/house and settle in more. It means we can reduce our costs, immerse in the culture more and be able to share more experiences on our YouTube Channel Here.

Hoi An, Vietnam


Hoi An is a UNESCO heritage site and is incredibly beautiful. It’s not a big city, though it neighbours Danang which is, so it’s got a very local and traditional feel to it. It’s a popular destination for Vietnamese to travel to as well, it’s know as their ‘go to Instagram spot’. The reason for that is the lanterns! For expats and travellers Hoi An is a great spot because it’s the best balance to get that low Vietnam cost of living with an incredible travel destination at the same time.

Cost Of Living


Below is a quick breakdown of our monthly expenses – note this is for 2 people! If you’d like to see more details, explanations behind each category, or a comparison to Thailand you can check out the full video below. We go a bit deeper into each of these categories and share what it is that made Vietnam worth while with these low cost of living numbers.

Costs per month:
Accommodation – $458 USD
Utilities – $76 USD
Dining Out – $245 USD
Groceries – $203 USD
Water Drinking – $6 USD
Phone – $18 USD
Entertainment – $16 USD
Transport – $66 USD
Coffee & Beans – $29 USD
Gym – $62 USD
Protein – $49 USD
Miscellaneous – $24 USD
TOTAL – $1,251

Living Costs Summary


You can live an incredible life in Vietnam (or a lot of South East Asia actually) as a couple for only $1,200 per month with crazy low costs of living. If you were more budget conscious than us you could easily lower that below $1000. We have expensive gym memberships, buy cakes and treats, drink coffee out and buy beans, drink alcohol, pay for a scooter and gas every month, buy protein powder… and more. Note, for the best protein you definitely want to use MyProtein! Click here to check them out, the prices are great and the taste is incredible as well.

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