Our First Cruise:

7 Days Aboard Princess Cruises

Going on a cruise has been high on our bucket list for years. The thought of waking up in a brand new destination, without having to endure a traditional travel day, is literally a dream come true. Extra bonus points are also awarded for being able to unpack and settle in to our incredible stateroom for 7 nights straight. Our week long adventure with Princess Cruises began as we boarded the Sapphire Princess and set off for Spain, France and the British Channel Islands.



Days 1-2: Southampton and Sea Day

We had no idea what to expect when we showed up at the Southampton cruise terminal to board our ship, you can see a full arrival and ship tour in our first video from the cruise here. Turns out the process is pretty similar to being at an airport. We checked in, dropped off our bags and went through security – but instead of scanning the aisles for our tiny economy seats, we found ourselves in the maze of hallways on the lookout for our stateroom instead. Before sailing away in true British style we headed for our Muster stations. Being our first cruise, this was all new to us but it’s basically a safety briefing that’s mandatory for all passengers on all cruises to know what to do in case of an emergency. Luckily our only concern at this point was finding the bar!


Days 3-4: Northern Spain

The next few days were spent exploring the northern coast of Spain in La Coruna and Bilbao. We sort of knew what to expect from this natural paradise after spending 48 Hours in Asturias, Northern Spain but it’s the type of landscape you never get sick of. In Bilbao we got a taste of our first Shore Excursion as we jumped on the bus and headed to Gaztelugatxe (Dragonstone to you Game of Thrones fans). It’s hard to believe that this little church perched on top of the hill wasn’t specifically designed for the show. Even if you’re one of the few people who haven’t been peer pressured into watching the show like Stace, this place will still blow you away. We spent the rest of the day eating Pintxos and drinking Sangria – well earnt after hiking up and down the 241 steps at Gaztelugatxe if you ask us.



Days 5-6: France & Sea Day

Bonjour, Bordeaux! Another day, another excursion and another excuse to drink like locals! You know we couldn’t come to French wine country and not indulge in a cheeky vino or two. Our first stop was a beautiful vineyard where we learnt all about the red wine produced in this region and even got the chance to sample a few different vintages. Our guide (French Papa, as we named him) then took us to Château Rousseau de Sipian for a luxurious four-course lunch and yet more tastings. Thankfully the following day was a sea day which gave us the chance to relax and rehydrate. We spent that morning at the Lotus Spa on board getting Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Glow Massage treatments. As if a massage isn’t relaxing enough, try getting one while being gently rocked by waves at sea, best 50 minutes of our lives.



Day 7: British Channel Islands

If you’ve never heard of Guernsey or the British Channel Islands we won’t judge because neither had we to be honest. Tucked away off the French coast of Normandy, Guernsey sadly marked our last stop on the cruise. As we were tendered in to port, we were greeted with rows of nostalgic shopfronts and what looked to us like a quintessentially British seaside town. We spent the day wandering the cobblestoned streets, enjoying cream tea in the park, doing a spot of tax free shopping and wrapped things up with a local Rocquette cider at a sunny rooftop bar. 

All too quickly it became time to say farewell to the Sapphire Princess and pack our bags. We absolutely loved our time on board and enjoyed embracing the cruise culture. From balloon drops, to champagne waterfalls and formal nights – there’s so much more to this style of travel than just daily excursions. This is just a top level taster of what cruise life is like, if you’re curious to see more be sure to check out our full YouTube series covering all the bases…


* This post was created as part of a sponsored partnership with Princess Cruises. As always, all views & opinions are our own. 



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