Looking for the cheapest countries in Europe?? Anywhere you can travel and not blow your budget wide open?? These are pretty common questions because travel in Europe can be crazy expensive! It’s understandable you might be searching for another city, country or secret destination that’s a little easier on the wallet than the typical Italy, France or Spain holidays. The truth is you can very easily find European countries to visit and enjoy yourself without worrying about money.

The answer for most is Eastern Europe. If those words put you off instantly you need to stop and check yourself! Eastern Europe has a lot of charisma and charm, hidden gems and less people, amazing experiences and great prices!


Bulgaria is one of the cheapest countries in Europe

Have you ever considered visiting Bulgaria? We can assure you that we never had, until we started travelling full-time! The great thing about being on the road all the time is opening your eyes to new travel destinations, having the time to consider new spots and being willing to trial something new. Of course it helps that some friends told us that Bulgaria was one of the cheapest countries in Europe they visited 🙂

Cost of travel is one of the most common questions we get asked, which is natural when you have over 4,000,000 views on a travel YouTube channel (hint, go subscribe and watch our channel!). After some time exploring in Eastern Europe we’ve been fortunate to venture to a lot of places that most won’t get to, or hadn’t considered visiting until we filmed our experience and how great it can be. Beyond just showing how cool Poland, Romania or Bulgaria can be, we also feature day-to-day costs of food, experiences, coffee and beer. Lots and lots of beer.



Bulgaria is cheap. There’s your answer. We shared a lot of the costs of day-to-day living in our regular travel vlogs from Sofia, but decided it was time to make one ultimate travel costs video. The Bulgarian Lev is the currency in Bulgaria, not the Euro, and is pretty cheap for most people outside of Eastern Europe to come and visit. Take a look at the video below, we spent the day on a travel mission around Sofia to share the general daily cost of living or day of travel in the city. To be fair, Sofia is more expensive than our last spot (Plovdiv, which was epic BTW) but it’s still a good indicator what to expect from Bulgaria as a whole.

So the main question, is Bulgaria cheap and the answer is yes. If you’re bringing in another currency and exchanging to Bulgarian Lev your cash will go a long way here! Check out a typical day in the life of full-time travel and the costs associated with one of our favourite countries in Eastern Europe below…



As you can see, Bulgaria is not only a really sick place to travel, but it’s one of the cheapest places you can visit. If you’re looking to travel Europe on a budget we can highly recommend you put Bulgaria on your list, but don’t limit yourself to just a few countries. For the purpose of this cost of travel video we just happened to be in Bulgaria at the time! That’s the great thing about Eastern Europe as a whole, theres so many great places to visit, transport between them is a breeze with public transport and accommodation is crazy cheap!

Hopefully this has been helpful. Until next time.

Dane & Stacey



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