The Amazing Budapest Jewish Quarter

The Budapest Jewish Quarter was our favourite district in Budapest! You really do have to visit this gem, so read on and check out the video further below.

It may be one of the smallest districts in the city, but interestingly enough the Jewish Quarter is one of the most heavily populated. In saying that, we definitely didn’t notice an intensity or hustle during our various visits – so walking the streets and exploring didn’t feel like a complete battle.

The Jewish quarter that exists now still houses some of the historical remains of the Jewish community that once thrived there. Three synagogues and various memorial gardens and museum sites can be found easily by walking the streets and talking in the atmosphere of the area. These are the type of streets you can aimlessly explore on foot and you’ll be sure to stumble across something you love.

Atmosphere, charisma, charm – this particular district has gone through an incredible uprising to reach the status it currently has, well known for bringing people from all walks of life to the area to socialise.

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Jewish Quarter Budapest Restaurants and Ruin Bars

The history remains, but Ruined Bars and Restaurants are the real attraction these days. Walking the streets you’ll still see the previously mentioned synagogues and museums every so often, but you can’t walk 5 metres without spotting a new age restaurant logo or the smell of a fresh beer being poured! If you plan to visit, we highly recommend you show up on an empty stomach – because there are some amazing restaurants in the area!

So when did this new urban uprising begin? What is a ruined bar?

The area faced some pretty significant decay after World War II and around the turn of the 2000s young people wanted somewhere different to drink, not the typical restaurant or upmarket bar lounge. Then something awesome happened. Groups of youth would chip in together and purchase abandoned buildings in the neighborhood, often in terrible condition, then go about turning them into bars. With little money to spend, the furnishing where scavenged, ‘borrowed’, taken from attics and basements and thrown all together to create an eclectic bunch of randomness. Popularity increased, the word spread, more drinks were poured and more abandoned buildings were purchased.

A short recap on the Budapest Jewish Quarter no doubt, but so incredibly fascinating we really had to share with you! Be sure to check out our experience of the area in the video below:



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