Bali cost of living in 2018 is super affordable!

In this video and blog we openly share our living costs for a digital nomad or slow traveler to live in Canggu Bali for a month. As we mentioned above, the cost of living per month in Bali is incredible, we spent a month in early 2018 in the Canggu area keeping track of all our costs to live. The numbers below and attached video are a full open book for potential digital nomads or if you just want to visit Canggu in the future to travel or relax in Bali – it’s a great spot either way!

Indonesia is an amazing country with lovely people, incredible culture, beautiful beaches and great food. It also has banging night life and a lots of opportunity to meet people and make friends!

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So what is the Bali Cost Of Living?

Our cost of living videos always break down the costs by different category, we then reveal the full costs at the end.

Categories Tracked below are in US Dollars, total for one person, per month to live in Canggu Bali:

  • Accommodation — $363
  • Utilities — $0
  • Groceries — $135
  • Dining Out — $167
  • Coffee — $32
  • Drinking Water — $3
  • Transport — $63
  • Phone Plan — $8
  • Gym Membership — $8

The video below goes into specific detail about the expenses and cost of living. We have similar videos like this for cost of living in Thailand, Vietnam and The Philippines here. Also, be sure to check our other Canggu vlogs here for more daily living costs as we visit cafes, grocery stores, restaurants and more.

We hope this blog and video has shed some light on the sort of costs you can expect to live in Bali for a month! Feel free to use the post navigation below to scroll through our other blog posts or return to the main Blogs & Vlogs page here.

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