Travel Insurance is a tricky one — it’s essential but you can’t be bothered researching the best options and who do you trust? We regularly get asked about what’s the best nomad travel insurance, backpacker travel insurance or just vacation insurance so decided to share the answer here. We’ve done all the vetting for you, so figured it’s a good time to share our personal favourite and recommended resource for your upcoming trip.

If you’re traveling abroad you definitely need travel insurance – it’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to travel, especially if you’re going to be thousands of miles from home. If you’re a nomad or backpacker you’ll want something fairly comprehensive that allows you to hop continents, engage in sports and other activities and cover the cost of your personal and valuable belongings. If you’re taking a vacation to one spot you just want peace of mind that you’re covered if anything (knock on wood) does happen to go wrong!

The trouble is, travel insurance is a bit of a trap these days. While it seems like every modern insurance company, bank and online business will say they provide travel insurance there’s a lot of smoke and mirrors. We spent a ridiculous amount of time researching options, getting various quotes, digging into paperwork, sending emails, speaking to customer service reps and searching forums before finding the best supplier.

We’ve been using the same company for over 2 years, made multiple claims, never had any issues and can therefore highly recommend them. Below is a widget that will give you a live quote right now, or by visiting their site here. Yup an actual online quote right now, without needing to enter a phone number or wait 2 business days to receive an email!!


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Regardless of your style of travel, World Nomads Travel Insurance ticks all the boxes, below we’ve listed out their main selling points are:

  • They Get It: They understand the requirements of travelers, feature lots of options and very detailed, but easy to understand terms and conditions.
  • They’re Available: Phoning them and making claims is easy. The process was simple and they were accommodating, not threatening or intimidating because we were wanting to make a claim.
  • Multiple Destinations: You can pick your destinations very simply, or, if you’re a nomad or backpacker wanting to see a lot of the world (but you’re flights and times are open ended) you can select ‘World Wide’ for a very small premium.
  • Feedback: Incredible reviews from other nomads and travelers who’ve made claims and been dealt with quickly, efficiently, and more importantly been paid out or provided what was required for their claim.
  • Fast Quotes: Online quotes in minutes, you can quickly do one yourself here (or on the widget above) and and find out the cost instantly. This alone is amazing!
  • Extensions: Once you have a policy in place you can actually extend it without needing to start a new one, or return to your home country. Trust us, some companies expect that!
  • Additional Coverage: They allow for an easy option to increase your policy to cover expensive equipment, e.g. we insured our laptops and camera as separate individual items because of their value. You’ll pay a small premium, but if your laptop goes missing that means you’ll get paid its full value and not just 50% of what it’s worth.
  • Support: Multi-lingual customer service 24/7, someone will be there in an emergency and speak your native language.
  • Activity Based: You can select coverage for over 150 activities – if you’re into extreme sports for example this is the site to use, they probably have coverage that’s specific to the activity or sport you’re interested in.
  • Standard Stuff: They obviously also cover the typical stuff you would expect – e.g. medical coverage, hospital bills, flights home, cancelled flights and standard insurance options.



So with that, we can highly recommend World Nomads and we suggest you use them as well. If you just want to grab a quick quote use the widget above, but also feel free to read up a bit more on their site and take a look here now.

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Hope to see you again soon,

Dane and Stacey


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